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How we started & grew?

Nass Technologies is a software company founded in 1998 with a vision to serve the IT industry. In 1998, Nass Technologies moved to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. After 6 years in 2004, the idea of Nass Technologies was established and started with networking services & training. After serving big players and creating a good name in 10 years Nass Technologies started a branch office in Nagpur the center of India with Software Website & Digital Marketing Services and training scenarios. In the software market too, it has made a good clientele with domestic & international projects. It also expanded its base in the USA & Oman, but now has its strong roots in Bangalore & Nagpur only.

Vision & Mission

‘Serve to Solve’ is our simple & clear vision. As a company, we believe in solving the problems of businesses & individuals, not making them more complicated.

We aim to become the most preferred technology partner for any IT requirement of the organization. Make a better & simpler world for our employees & clients.

Some Of the Renowned Clients We Have Served

Why Nass Technologies?

Our networking expertise, technical excellence and unique culture help businesses thrive and be future-ready. We enable our customers achieve competitive advantage through flexible and global networking models.
Nass Technologies Systems has a well defined systematic approach to the evaluation of quality and adherence to standards, procedures and processes.Compliance with laid down standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation and audits which helps in configuration management. .
We feel that the current requirement to the IT world is the professional attitude towards working and for this we are thriving. Apart from training we also provide placement services to our students. It is the biggest advantage for IT aspirants as well as for Software companies.

Technologies We Work With:

Network Implementation

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Server Management
  • Routing
  • Securites Management
  • VOIP Management

Software Development

  • C#
  • Asp.Net
  • Asp Core
  • MVC
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Jquery
  • SQL Sever
  • React
  • Node
  • Mongo DB
  • Android

Professional Training

  • C
  • C++.
  • Dotnet
  • Android
  • Python
  • Digital Marketing
  • MERN Full Stack Development
  • Dotnet Full Stack Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Testing
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing

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