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Inventro (Inventory Management Software)

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Inventro (Inventory Management Software)

Your inventory management is made simple!!

How Nass Inventro manage your business?

Quick View:

All your sales purchases and balances get a quick view on the dashboard.

Suits any business:

With its master entries, you can play with and let it work as per your business

Easy Billing:

The billing section is kept quite simple. By just tapping you can do an easy checkout.

Smart Adjustable returns:

With one click all your billing stock and balances get adjusted accurately after returns

GST simplified :

All the components of GST are kept quite simple and customizable to your needs

Secure & Robust:

Being on the cloud with 24x7 access from everywhere it's protected with 2-layer security

Nass Inventro is online sales purchase and stock management software with simple billing and GST-ready. Check Out The Demo Click here
Use this UserID and password User Id:   Password: 123

Know more about Nass Inventro

After studying the market for years, we realized that the product's simplicity and fast nature were the market's needs. Keeping these attributes in mind we have built the Nass inventro. It's an Online stock management with a complete sales and purchase system.

From billing to stock lists and settings to quick statistics, we have made ready-to-use features for your business.

All the major features required in common business practices have been implemented, but we are still open to customizing as per your needs and the nature of your business.

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