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Simpli Path

Simpli Path

Simplified Pathology Operations


Patient Management:

Register patients and maintain their records uniquely with clinical history


Easily input and manage all pathology reports with ease & share via email, sms or link


Generate accurate reports effortlessly with machine integration

Billing & Finance:

Simplify billing processes and ensure smooth financial transactions.

Customizable Packages:

Test packages to cater your needs

Easy & Safe Access:

Easily accessible on your mobile and Safeguarded data with strong security layers.

SimpliPath makes it simple, easy, and professional to manage your pathology data with its intuitive interface. Experience the simplicity of SimpliPath and take your practice to new heights!
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Streamline Your Pathology Practice with SimpliPath - Go live instantly!!

With SimpliPath, you can streamline your pathology practice by easily managing patient profiles, reporting, automation, billing, customizable test packages and easy & safe access.

Additionally, SimpliPath offers data safety measures and mobile access for convenience on-the-go. Experience the efficiency of SimpliPath and elevate your pathology today.

But that's not all! SimpliPath goes beyond simplicity, ensuring the safety of your data and providing convenient mobile access for on-the-go efficiency. Take advantage of our platform to streamline your pathology operations and experience unparalleled convenience.

What sets SimpliPath apart is its ability to facilitate sample testing directly through machines and generate comprehensive reports swiftly. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient workflow. Try SimpliPath today and witness the transformation in your pathology practice.

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