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Site-tistics (Construction Management Software)

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Site-tistics (Construction Management Software)

The advanced way to manage your sites!!

How does Nass Site-tistics help your business?

Quick View:

All your purchases, expenses, and stocks get a quick view at Quick Statistics.

Suits any level of firm

Whether you are a big construction company or a sole proprietor firm, you can use it for your business.

Easy Vouchering

Vouchers as per the supplier for all types of materials can be Easily stored.

Smart Invoicing

Simple clicks convert your vouchers into invoices with accurate prices.

Simplfied Stock Transfers

From site to site, you can simply transfer your materials with accurate maintenance.

Secure & Robust:

Being on the cloud with 24x7 access from everywhere, it is protected with 2-layer security.

Nass Site-tistics is sophisticated construction site management software that provides all the useful tools to meet all online construction management needs.
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Other Advanced Features

Standard DPR Entry

Materials Utilization

Standard vs Utilized Quality Check

Multi-Level Management

Know more about Nass Site-tistics

Having studied the market for years, we realized that simplicity and speed were the market's needs. Keeping these attributes in mind, we have built the Nass Site-tistics.

It's an online stock management product. From vouchering to invoicing and stock transfers to expense management, we have got everything ready

All the major features required in common business practices have been implemented, but we are still open to customizing them as per your needs and the nature of your business.

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